April Blooms

Poems For National Poetry Month!

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cinco haiku


skate thin on new ice | as glaciers melt ancient seas | climate refugees

day begins early | fog soupy and gray on hills | she climbs dreaming him

she dreams less now | great seawall of Havana | mother ocean spills

over mighty banks | manmade sturdy to withstand | her blue waving arms

she was born again | in a sub-tropical land | of plantains so green


copyright © 2015 Odilia Galván Rodríguez. 
All Rights Reserved.


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Mother’s Day Lament

Mother lakes
rivers   oceans
Mother mountains
Mother high ground
reflected in sky
the depths
of Kivas
in Mines
in secret places
of all souls
Mother of wild winds
of tsunami tides
Walking pneumonia
  a sign

Wakíŋyaŋ cough
holy sound

Electric prickle
rise of baby-fine hair
on back arms or neck
The difficulty of birthing rain
that once was sacred and now
while at the same time being raped
    is acid pain

Thunderheads build in time-space
no longer here
Her children no longer refreshed

This outpouring of tainted regurgitation
Of chemicals pumped into her veins
To generate billions
green frog backs that don’t sing

Anything but death songs

Prophesied long before this
When we still had a chance
to save our pitiful selves

From twisted mutant storms
caused by what we’ve allowed
to be done

To you mother of creation

Mother of   lakes   rivers   oceans
of rain in our blood


poem copyright © 2015 Odilia Galván Rodríguez. 
All Rights Reserved.


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A Farewell to Parting Rivers

there is no word
for this kind of goodbye

we started with   it
always threatened

adios hovered in corners
of every room we loved in

reminded us we had an expiration
date tattooed on our internal clock

goodbye was always a part of it
the only way our love lasted so long

was that feeling of temporariness
time freely given for a cause

hungry love filled with desire
for a different kind of life

once that life was no longer wilderness
the branches we clung to drifted off

in rivers rushing   we are those currents
heading our own direction

poem copyright © 2014 Odilia Galván Rodríguez. 
All Rights Reserved.



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The Nothing’s Here

the world is a ghetto
it’s getting hinkier everyday
ocean’s copper smell
coming from Fukushima’s deadly spill
she can see it with her fingers
all that’s gone wrong
they’re cuttin’ off tops of mountains
Obama’s gone an’ let “the people” down
still walkin in that same Whitehouse think
it’s the same kind of stink   we grew on
the incinerator in the Project’s backyard
Steel mills and coal yards in the front

and we’re cool off all that “we need oil” jive
killin people in our name to line Corporation pockets
the shame of the world heaped on us ’cause we’re to blame
crimson blood of human innocents spill
spilling for nothing but greed
seeds of destruction to come
a kingdom of new world order
Bushes clack clack la calaca bones
we hear them fracture in distant forests
as the Termite People’s minions take down
the rest of the set of the natural world
so throw yourselves on the trash heap
or get up and dance fiercely into the future
it’s going to be a fight.

poem copyright © 2014 Odilia Galván Rodríguez. 
All Rights Reserved.

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The ACLU files a border lawsuit

Claiming a pattern
of civil rights abuse,
ACLU files suit
to find exactly
how Border Patrol
enforces immigration
law far from Mexico

wants data
about “roving patrols”
agents who operate far
from our borders and
pull people over.

Border Patrol officers
use race to decide
who to stop
something not permitted
under federal court rulings.

There’s evidence
agents question
motorists at interior
far more
than inquiring,
more than “brief and limited
inquiry into residence status.”

Legal limits
for Border Patrol
activities far
from the border
regularly surpassed.

Motorists and
passengers harassed
Border Patrol needs
“reasonable suspicion”
that there’s been
unlawful border crossing
before stopping
a vehicle.

A matter
of “common sense.”
There’s more grounds
for suspecting
someone driving
along the border fence
than a motorists
in Tucson.

over 50, 60, 70,
sometimes over 100
miles north of the border–
essentially on a whim,

They can’t do that.
That is against the law.

The Border Patrol
the largest
national police
force in the country

cannot search
your car without
probable cause.

Cannot detain you
to interrogate you
about matters unrelated
to briefly verifying
your residence status.

Checkpoints cannot
be operated to investigate
general criminal wrongdoing,
that would be a violation
of Fourth Amendment rights.

Individuals free
from unreasonable
search and seizure.

Border Patrol
ignores limitations…

poem copyright © 2014 Odilia Galván Rodríguez. 
All Rights Reserved.


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On Magnolias

for Frida

you painted magnolias
pure smelling and white
the color of soft linen
a canvas you entered then
slashed open your wounds
and bled upon

loss of life and love
splayed across in living
color   or splattered
onto ecru in shades
of flowers you braided
into your hair

back to get to future
you time-walked
into your paintings
attached to your other
self reconnected to mother-
roots that reached the ancients

you bled everywhere
in beauty as bold as you
a constant image   emblazoned
across our retinas   burning and
wet with tears we’ve shed along
with you fragile and wild

and in love with the world.

poem copyright © 2014 Odilia Galván Rodríguez. 
All Rights Reserved.

Magnolias ~ Painting by Frida Kahlo

Magnolias ~ Painting by Frida Kahlo

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For the Muse

We sure give thanks for good word power –
Awaken us with flowers, and song in ears;
Poems do not abandon us in our hour;
Whisper stories, shoo away the dour;
Help us reach in deep, and choose light over fears;
Between drops of sunrays, or rain showers.

All love in writes, makes for happy endings;
Though true to life stories almost never do;
For they have twists, and turns and locked towers;
The hearer will do a good rendering;

Give thanks.

Poem copyright © 2014 Odilia Galván Rodríguez. 
All Rights Reserved.


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